The AFS Advantage


All of our trainers go through a rigorous in-house training program and hold degrees and/or certifications in exercise science or personal training. We choose only the best of the best when hiring and we heavily invest in our staff to make sure all of our clients get the best experience possible.



Our prime location is close to many preferred neighborhoods in Auburn and features all of the amenities you could ever desire. All of the following amenities are complimentary and available to all of our clients:

  • Bottled water (room temp. and cold available)
  • Exercise towels (we provide the laundry service!)
  • Fresh fruit
  • Hot coffee and tea
  • Private training suites
  • On-site showers and toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hair care products, and more! Don’t forget about the luxurious hotel quality towels we also provide..)

7 Reasons Why AFS is so effective:

1. Custom Workout Plans

Starting from your first visit to our studio we are constantly communicating with you about your personal fitness goals and using that information to create a customized workout plan that takes into consideration your personal history, preferences, limitations and goals.


2. Regular Assessment of Progress

Every 8 weeks we take a body scan using our state of the art Styku body scanner. We also take you through a set of standardized exercises that focus on strength and endurance. We will then be able to compare your first scan and fitness results (from your first workout with us!) to the current results to capture your progress in detail. From there, we discuss your goals for the next 8 weeks and our personal trainers write you a customized workout plan based on your new goals. P.S. – We give you print outs of your scan and fitness results so you can show your family and friends your amazing progress!

3. Accommodations Experience

We love working with people from all walks of life and are well trained on how to optimize your fitness experience regardless of your background, fitness history or limitations. Our Trainers are experts in working with clients of all age groups that have medical issues or limitations that impact their range of motion and physical abilities. They will take the extra time and effort to get to know you and learn how we can best help you so that together we can reach your fitness goals.

4. No Set Up Required

Before every appointment or class with us, we organize each workout for you so that you can come to your private suite, warm up, stretch out, and know exactly what to do. Before each session, your trainer will explain what you are going to be working on today and demonstrate each exercise so there is no guesswork involved. Each of our suites has their own set of equipment so no sharing is required. One of the reasons our program is so successful and enjoyable is because of this vital organization: when you are here, we focus entirely on you. There’s no wondering what to do next or waiting for someone to finish using an exercise machine. You come in, we focus on your workout, and you leave, having an effective, efficient, and enjoyable workout experience.  

5. Professional Personal Training

Our personal trainers ensure that each exercise is done properly, with the correct form. Doing so helps us to avoid injuries and maximize the benefit of each motion. We also ensure that you do the right amount of each exercise; too little won’t bring about change, and too much will slow down your rate of improvement.  

6. Accountability

Accountability and helping you maintain motivation is where we shine! We know that you won’t always feel motivated to show up to the studio for a workout (we’ve all been there..). Whenever you have a rough day, we are here for you to help keep you motivated and accountable to your goals.

7. Low Pressure Environment 

We are not a big box gym full of intimidating personalities, grunting and mirror selfie taking meatheads 😂. Instead, you’re greeted at the door by name and friendly faces. We offer private suites (1 person to 1 trainer) and small group classes (less than 6 people) to allow us to customize your experience so we can focus 100% on you. Our VIP suite is also available for those that want to avoid all eyes on them while you workout. Our trainers are kind, humble, and understanding and love to share their expertise while keeping you motivated. 

Does all of this sound good to you? If so, we know we will be a great fit for your needs!

Why 1-on-1 personal training?

Why 1-on-1 personal training?

1-on-1 personal training helps you set, pursue, and maintain your fitness goals. Our certified personal trainers will create a customized fitness program for you based on your unique goals!

Why private training suites?

Why private training suites?

In our private suites, it’s just you and your trainer. No awkward stares, no distractions, no waiting for a turn on equipment or fumbling to find what you need.. No preparation needed! We bring everything to you (even complimentary water, towels, fruit, coffee and so much more!)…

Semi-private training (2-5 people)

Semi-private training (2-5 people)

Our small group training sessions are full of camaraderie, laughs, and stress-free exercising. Your instructor will demonstrate each exercise and provide guidance during each class. (General classes and Yoga [DDPY] available to schedule today!)