Styku Scan

Track your progress and gauge where you are with Styku 3D Body Scanning technology. This state-of-the-art technology creates a precise, 3D image of the body by extracting millions of measurements with 2mm accuracy. In only 35 seconds, a Styku scan can show you the exact measurements of every part of the body, all in 3D imaging.

Visualize Your Results With a Styku 3D Body Scan

Tracking fitness results isn’t always easy when all you have is a scale to measure weight. Seeing progress in live 3D imaging can help to show results quickly, easily, and painlessly. Thus, giving you or your fitness clients the confidence in knowing that their fitness goals are in reach. And, providing real statistics and numbers on progress that’s already been made.

First, an individual gets an initial Styku 3D scan to gauge a starting point, whether this be before a fitness program begins or otherwise. This gives the blueprint measurements in order to show and track progress in the future. With future Styku scans, these individuals can compare their scans which offer insight into their progress and with determining future goals.


How it Works

The Styku 3D Body Scan works by capturing images of the body with a lightweight, portable device. This painless, non-invasive technology takes precise measurements on circumferences, body fat percentage, bone density, posture, etc. in only 35-seconds’ time. And, pinpoints measurements with less than a 1% error. The result is a 3D image of the body with showcased percentages and numbers to allow for knowledge of precise physical measurements.



Versatile Reasons to Use Styku 3D Body Scanning

Whether you’re trying to get in shape, get measurements for tailoring purposes, or are monitoring a client or patient’s progress, a 3D Styku body scan poses many purposes.

Some reasons to consider Styku 3D body scanning include:

Fitness and Athletics: Calculate your body fat to determine your fitness or athletic goals with ultimate precision. And, track your fitness progress, identify problem areas, and set new fitness goals.
Cosmetics: Find out how a cosmetic enhancement service, like body sculpting, works for your patients. And, determine if these cosmetic solutions are right for your practice or patients.
Medical Weight Loss: Help patients diagnosed with obesity-related diseases by providing precise measurements, weight loss goal incentives, and vital information about health.
Physical Therapy: Physical trainers, chiropractors, and therapists can all gain insight into patient diagnoses. For example, offering data on bone mass and density as well as posture.

Complimentary 3D Body Imaging With Auburn Fitness Solutions Onboarding

When you sign up as a new member of Auburn Fitness Solutions, take advantage of complimentary Styku 3D body scanning services! With reassessments every 8 weeks, you can continue to track your progress and see results.