Trainer Tuesday – Benefits of Weight Training

Trainer Tuesday – Benefits of Weight Training

In our first post of our Trainer Tuesday series, our very own Jordan S. will be telling us about the benefits of weight training.

When people think of weight training they tend to automatically think of body builders, and taking supplements that they’ve only heard aren’t good for you. That’s such a stereotype. Resistance training, like weight training, offers numerous benefits for everyday people looking to get in better health or to even maintain good health if they’re already considerably healthy. Some people think that lifting weights only makes your muscles bigger and makes you stronger. While that may be technically true it’s not the only benefit from lifting. Here are just a couple of the important benefits to weight training.

One of the benefits to weight training is that it keeps your bones healthy and strong. The bones in your body are like your brain in a sense. When I say that analogy ’m referring to them needing to often be challenged. How do you become smarter and expand the skills of your mind? You challenge it ! Whether that be in school where you’re learning a new topic in class or if you’re trying to figure an 8 letter word to crossword puzzle that means you have no idea what a person is talking about. Clueless as I am right ?! But on a more serious note, your bones more certainly should be challenged to keep up their peak performance output. Once the body hits the age of 30, it starts to lose a small percentage of bone density each year after that. So with weighting training this helps slow down that process. This is very important because having to keep up an enjoyable and healthy lifestyle doesn’t just go away because we get older. However , with consistent weight training, it does make the process much easier to do and maintain.

Another benefit of weight training is that it helps prevent the formation of common chronic diseases including type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and even cancer. Weight training not only makes your muscles stronger ,but also other systems in your body including the immune system. The body over time accumulates stress and weight training often helps ease that stress. Weight training helps release chemicals in the body called “ endorphins “. These chemicals produced by our body are natural pain relievers. So more weight training will lead to more stress relief and improved mood function.

So with all of that being said people, stay active in your day to day lifestyle. Not only does it benefit you, but it shows others how much it can benefit themselves and encourages them to do the same. Help make the world a better place. It starts with you.

Check out Jordan’s video demonstrating proper technique for a Hex Squat!

Strength Training – Hex Squat


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