Virtual Training

More people are training at home than ever before. Get the results you want from home with Auburn Fitness Solutions Virtual Training courses. Tailored to your personal fitness goals and levels, our virtual training solutions are live, one-on-one fitness classes made to work you out from the comfort of wherever you are.


Some Benefits of Virtual Training from Auburn Fitness Solutions

Take advantage of a number of benefits that virtual training services have to offer. Some of the things you can expect from virtual training from Auburn Fitness Solutions include: 

Live Trainers: Our virtual fitness trainers give live, one-on-one fitness classes. This way, you can work to reach your workout goals with a motivated trainer from anywhere you are.  

Custom Workouts: Our trainers will design fitness sessions specifically around your personal needs, goals, and physical limitations or injuries. This way, you get the most out of every session!

No Costly Equipment: Our virtual fitness sessions don’t require costly equipment purchases. We’ll simply use what you already have at hand from home and your own body! 

Easy to Use: With our virtual fitness sessions, simply download our application right to your home computer, tablet, or smartphone to get started quickly and easily. 

Getting Started With Virtual Training With Auburn Fitness Solutions

When you sign up for virtual training with Auburn Fitness Solutions, we make sure to tailor your fitness training to your schedule and fitness goals! Here’s what you can expect when signing up: 

  • Fitness Evaluation: Discuss your fitness level with our experienced virtual fitness trainers over the phone to determine your base fitness. This way, you can better measure your success!
  • Assessment: Determine your fitness goals by completing the virtual fitness assessment. And, learn more about what to expect from virtual training sessions. 
  • Get Started: Schedule your first virtual training session with your virtual fitness trainer to begin your workouts from the comfort of your home. 


Don’t Lose Track of Your Fitness Goals with Virtual Training

Do you find it difficult to get to the gym everyday? Is your schedule too slam-packed to leave the house and get a workout in daily? If so, virtual training may be a great option to keep you on track with your fitness routine and goals.

All you need is a place to workout and a device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer) to get started! So, whether you’re looking for a long term at-home workout option or something to implement while you’re on the road and traveling, consider virtual training from Auburn Fitness Solutions.