Our Team:
Meet Our Trainers

Eli Mazer, ACE-CPT

Owner, Operator

Eli tragically lost his mother to lung cancer when he was 12 years old. Seeing this before his eyes is what ultimately motivated him to eventually pursue a career in health and fitness. Changing lives and motivating people through a customized and hands-on approach is what Eli does best.

A graduate of Hofstra University with a B.S. in Exercise Science. Eli grew up as a competitive wrestler, and believes that his experience in the sport has helped to supplement his knowledge in fitness and nutrition. Eli believes in being a positive role model to his clients and pushes himself to uphold the highest standards in fitness and nutrition.

Eli considers himself to be a “straight shooter” and will always be genuine and honest with you about your fitness needs, while also being able to understand and relate to your situation.

“The best personal trainer is not someone who knows the most exercises or who can give the hardest, most grueling work out. The best personal trainer is someone who knows how to develop a relationship and deliver a fine balance between what we want and what we need.”

Jordan S.

Jordan was born and raised in Alexander city, AL. “I come from a very physically fit family. Watching my uncle compete in professional body building competitions further sparked my interest in fitness. Over the years my passion for fitness developed by participating in different camps, studies, training military personnel, as well as wrestling, playing football and running track. I love being a father and a helping my community. I can’t wait to help you reach your fitness goals!

Jimmy D.

Jimmy began his fitness journey in high school. “My sophomore year I injured my back and lost motivation to keep working out. A few years later I realized I was getting too far out of shape and was slowly working my way back in the gym when my back injury got worse to the point I needed surgery. After the surgery I was motivated and dedicated to getting in shape so I fixed my diet and trained hard and ended up going from around 260 pounds to my lowest of around 180 pounds! I am also the proud father of an 8 month old son named Jensen!”

Ben C.

Ben began his fitness journey in 2017 after a personal crisis from an unhealthy lifestyle and back injuries and stiffness from years of manual labor. In April 2017 he started doing DDPY (or DDP Yoga as it was then called) at 247 pounds. By then end of 2018 he was a certified DDPY instructor and down to 189 pounds! He says “These days I am comfortable and happy at 215 pounds and love to help inspire others to do their very best and reach their goals! I am a father of two awesome boys and a guitar player at my church and clean and sober!”

Katrina E.

Katrina is our Director of Operations and oversees our employees, the new client experience, collects feedback from our clients, and implements upgrades/changes around the facility. Katrina has a B.S. and M.S. from Auburn University and has over 17 years of small business management experience. She enjoys getting to know our clients and making the AFS experience the best it can possibly be!