Jenny W.

“I have arthritis in my back and hips.  Coming to AFS 3-4 times a week has allowed me to remain active and helped my flexibility tremendously. I also have some minor heart issues and my cardiologist encourages me to stay active. I was a little nervous for that first meeting, but I am so glad I came in! Even my daughter was coming in with me. AFS has changed my life for the better.”

~ Jenny W.

Kim J.
“After YEARS of not caring about my health I decided to do something to HELP me keep up with my husband (you know the type…skinny, fit, always on the go).  A friend recommended Auburn Fitness Solutions and I took the initiative to FINALLY do something for me.  This is the best thing I’ve ever done for me.  
The team is incredible. ALWAYS encouraging and driving me to make myself better.  It’s NOT easy but this group of guys and the facility actually make me want to do so much more and be the best I can be.
THANKS Auburn Fitness Solutions for the journey to my NEW me.”

~ Kim J.

Joseph W.

~ Joseph W.

Danna M.

~ Danna M.

Danna M.

~ Danna M.